About Us


The International SeaKeepers Society, headquartered in the USA, is a non-profit organization dedicated to marine conservation involving private and public entities. It actively addresses ocean concerns through partnerships with various stakeholders.

Established in 1998 by concerned yacht owners, SeaKeepers collaborates with the yachting community for ocean research and conservation. The DISCOVERY Yacht Program encourages yacht owners to contribute to marine research, leveraging privately owned yachts as platforms for cost-effective oceanographic research and conservation initiatives. SeaKeepers aims to advance marine science and conservation by maximizing research potential and reducing vessel costs through this collaborative approach.

The International SeaKeepers Society expanded into Asia in 2015, establishing the SeaKeepers Asia chapter. Led by Julian Chang with a group of dedicated volunteers, the chapter aims to raise awareness, foster appreciation, and encourage dedication to preserving and restoring the marine environment in the region.